Searching for Airbrush Spray Tanning in the East Valley?

Airbrush spray tanning is one of the newest trends in sunless tanning. This method offers superior precision, efficiency, and speed to produce an unbeatable outcome.

Airbrush tanning uses a natural substance called dihydroxyacetone (DHA). DHA reacts with the keratin protein on your skin’s outer layer to darken it naturally.

Cost of Airbrush Tanning in Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa and San Tan Valley

Airbrush spray tanning is more costly than other methods of tanning due to the technician’s time and the salon’s equipment.

Depending on the salon and technician, a full-body spray tan can range in cost from $30 to $60. However, you may pay more if you want additional features like glitter, scent or tattoos included in the process.

This is significant, as it makes the cost of Airbrush spray tanning more comparable to other home-tanners (like lotions or gels). Furthermore, many beauty salons provide clients who come regularly for airbrush tanning with bonus cards, subscriptions or other discounted conditions – helping reduce the cost of a session significantly.

Safety of Airbrush Spray Tanning

Airbrush spray tanning offers the potential to be a safer and healthier alternative than UV tanning beds, yet many people are unaware of the safety precautions they should take when visiting a spray tanning salon in the East Valley including Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, and San Tan Valley area.

The initial step to guaranteeing your safety when visiting a salon is to make sure they are trustworthy. Be sure to read reviews and look at pictures of previous clients for proof.

When selecting a massage therapist, one important aspect to consider is the safety measures they recommend you take before, during and after your session. For instance, protective eyewear or nose filters should always be worn whenever spray mist will hit your face.

According to FDA regulations, DHA should never be inhaled or ingested and never exposed to areas covered by mucous membranes such as the nose or eyes. Doing so could aggravate lung conditions like asthma.

Time it takes to get an Airbrush Spray Tan

Airbrush spray tanning is a more meticulous and controlled process than automated spray tan booths, as it requires highly-trained technicians to manually apply the solution onto the client’s body. This ensures that even hard-to-reach places get covered properly for an even, natural-looking tan.

The technician ensures the tan is even across the client’s body, eliminating any uneven patches. This may take more time for the tan to develop fully across their entire body.

After receiving a spray tan, it’s recommended to shower for several hours so the bronzer can dry on your skin and give you its best appearance. Use lukewarm water instead of hot as hot water may reduce the length of time your tan lasts.

Appearance of an Airbrush Spray Tan

Airbrush spray tanning creates an amazing, even glow that looks like you’ve spent all day outside in the sun. Each client gets a personalized application to ensure they get a tan that is both natural and long-lasting without damaging their skin in the process.

Airbrush tanning also allows your clients to maintain an even skin tone for up to one week after their spray tan session! A well-applied airbrush tan will boost your client’s confidence when exposed to sunlight and protect them from harmful effects of overexposure.

The spray tan industry is growing at an incredible rate, so you need to have the knowledge and skillset to provide your clients with a stunning, safe spray tan that leaves them feeling good about themselves and looking their best.

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