How to Get Rid of the Double Chin With Kybella

Kybella is an effective, non-invasive procedure to reduce fat around the chin. It utilizes deoxycholic acid – a naturally occurring acid – in combination with an injection to break down fat cells, permanently eliminating them for a slimmer profile

Why It’s Beneficial to Consult a Local Med Spa

When it comes to getting rid of the double chin, the initial step should be selecting an experienced medical spa provider like Timeless at Tiffany’s MedSpa. They can guide you through every step of the process and give tips on how to maximize your results.

At your consultation with your doctor, they’ll inquire about your medical history, any cosmetic treatments you’ve had done and medications taken. It is also important to inform them if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Your doctor must also be informed of any allergies or autoimmune conditions that could inhibit the effectiveness of Kybella. They also need to be aware of any facial muscle weakness or difficulty swallowing you may have.

The procedure is generally quick and painless, with you being able to go home immediately after your appointment. In most cases, it takes only 30 minutes or less to complete with anesthetic used if needed.

After your injections, you may experience temporary bruising and swelling in the treated area; however, these are only temporary effects. Bruising should fade within 48 hours of treatment, while swelling typically subsides within a few days.

It’s essential to note that multiple treatment sessions may be necessary before you see significant improvement in the appearance of your double chin. In some cases, two to six Kybella injections may be recommended for optimal results.

Your doctor will administer a local anesthetic to reduce any discomfort during your Kybella treatment, and you may request an ice pack to apply afterward on the injection site for added swelling reduction.

Your doctor will use a needle to inject the chemical directly into your submental fat. The injection will break down stubborn fat cells, and then your body naturally eliminate them.

Kybella success depends on breaking down fat in your body over a period of weeks, leading to a smaller double chin and overall slimmer profile! After just a few weeks, the broken-down fat should begin to be eliminated from your system. You should start seeing signs of progress with smaller, less noticeable double chin, but most importantly, an overall flatter and slimmer silhouette!

According to the amount of fat in your chin, it may take anywhere from four to six treatments before you notice a significant reduction. But you still have plenty of options for looking great while waiting – try wearing a neckline that fits comfortably and doesn’t overwhelm your facial features for added confidence!

Kybella offers a quick and convenient lunchtime treatment, unlike other procedures which necessitate downtime or an extended recovery period. In just 15-20 minutes, this non-surgical short treatment session can be completed – giving it the nickname of the “lunchtime treatment.”

Your Kybella procedure can last up to a year and the results can be repeated. Your doctor will decide how many treatments are necessary based on your aesthetic goals and desired outcomes.

If you would like to get rid of your double chin and are in the Phoenix, AZ metro area including Chandler, Mesa, and want to visit our location in Gilbert, AZ right off the 202 call today to schedule for Kybella treatments.

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