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Laser skin resurfacing treatments can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, lighten and brighten the complexion, even out pigmentation, and smooth out irregularities. Immediate effects from nonabrasive laser treatments range from redness and moderate swelling to stinging sensations similar to sunburns.

Laser light with specific wavelengths helps improve pores by heating oil gland debris and encouraging its natural removal from the skin, leaving behind silky-smooth skin.

Ultrasound Skin Hydration

Ultrasound skin hydration uses ultrasound technology to stimulate collagen formation in deeper dermal layers and reduce redness and improve skin elasticity, as well as treat pigmentation marks, scars and various facial issues non-invasively.

This painless procedure causes no discomfort at all. It works using a low frequency that spins water molecules across your skin in an oscillatory motion to create temporary phase change (cavitation). This action gently exfoliates dead skin cells while clearing pores and unclogging natural oil glands resulting in smoother skin that remains hydrated.

Peeling involves applying a small amount of filtered water and hydrating serum, followed by using an instrument resembling a spatula to apply an ultrasound wave that causes small water bubbles to form before quickly collapsing; this results in controlled, yet gentle exfoliation of your stratum corneum layer – perfect for treating dry, flaky skin as well as rosacea.

Hydration facials offer long-term hydration and anti-ageing benefits when performed regularly, helping your skin retain moisture throughout the day and night, and also reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Regular treatments provide long-term anti-ageing benefits.

Ultrasonic waves can help break up deposits of oil, dirt, and dead skin cells which serve as breeding grounds for bacteria – leaving skin cleaner, healthier, and free of blemishes than before.

Ultrasound frequency can also help increase penetration of anti-ageing ingredients such as antioxidants, vitamins, and peptides into your skin for additional anti-aging benefits. It is an extremely powerful technique which can be combined with LED, facial toning and other non-invasive treatments for maximum effectiveness.

Liquid Laser

Timeless at Tiffany’s Med Spa offers advanced aesthetic devices to help restore youthful-looking skin. Their team offers customized treatment plans tailored specifically for each client to achieve specific skincare goals, from cosmetic injections and peels, microneedling, laser hair removal and liposuction; to intravenous (IV) therapy to boost energy, mood and overall wellbeing.

Liquid or dye lasers utilize organic compounds dissolved in solvent to generate light that stimulates photochemical processes that activate laser effects, producing light through photoluminescence. Liquid lasers are widely used in cosmetic dermatology due to their efficacy against various vascular pathologies and skin pigmentation issues.

Laser treatments work by targeting hemoglobin in blood and disrupting its structure, leading to its dissolution from within and eventual removal from the body. The damage done stimulates natural healing processes in order to promote tighter and healthier skin resulting from tightening up and rejuvenating cells within cells resulting from laser damage, tightening sagging or wrinkles while also decreasing scars or hyperpigmentation. Treatments like these can be performed on face, hand and neck for tighter and healthier results.

Clear+Brilliant is a non-invasive light-based laser treatment commonly referred to as “baby Fraxel.” Designed to refresh and rejuvenate skin without significant swelling or scabbing like other popular resurfacing lasers like Fraxel, Clear+Brilliant may temporarily feel like sandpaper and appear slightly red for up to several hours; however this should subside quickly over time – our treatment experts generally suggest four or five sessions spaced out every six weeks for best results.

Laser therapy offers both preventative and corrective solutions for fine lines, wrinkles, sun-damaged skin, as well as sun exposure damage. By stimulating collagen production to plump out skin layers and diminish wrinkles while evening out tone and texture. It can be performed on face, hands or other exposed areas such as overexposed areas in the sun.

This revolutionary combination treatment successfully reduces laxity, reduces acne scarring, evens out skin tone and texture, and boosts firmness of the skin. Utilizing chemical peels and laser hair removal treatments together, this innovative therapy also targets clogged pores, uneven tone, fine lines and wrinkles as well as other signs of ageing in order to effectively address all these concerns.


As a skincare enthusiast, you may have come across the term Bihaku from Japan – it refers to products with brightening or whitening benefits which are widely popular across Asia (and more recently around the world).

Pale skin was once seen as an indicator of beauty and status in ancient Japan; today it’s more often used to address pigmentation problems. The DMK Bihaku Skin Brightening Treatment offers a 10-day revision protocol tailored specifically for each client that removes buildup, improves brightness/clarity/texture/hydration for an even, glowing complexion.

Bihaku differs from bleaching products commonly available in Australia by not lightening or bleaching your natural skin tone, instead using its gentle anti-discoloration agents to minimize discoloration caused by sun exposure, hormones or age-related discolorations. While results aren’t dramatic they should work like both brightening and anti-aging treatments in tandem.

DMK Bihaku differs from traditional bleaching products by only using gentle ingredients like niacinamide, kojic acid, aloe vera extract, shea butter and rosehip oil to achieve beautiful, healthy-looking skin. Furthermore, unlike these items sold in Japan it does not contain hydroquinone or mercury, which are both illegal in beauty products sold there. Reducing acne, pimple marks and other discolorations by decreasing melanin production enables your skin to naturally appear lighter without losing vitality or health benefits. It also contains pigment inhibitors to prevent further hyperpigmentation and is suitable for all skin types including sensitive and rosacea-prone. Directions for Use: Clean the skin prior to applying bleach, apply an ample amount to desired area for 15 minutes, rinse well with fresh water after 15 minutes then repeat as necessary until three times daily applications have been reached (this should eventually reduce peeling occurrences).

Carbon Laser Peel

Laser skin treatments are an excellent non-invasive solution for improving the tone, texture and radiance of the skin. They reduce fine lines and wrinkles, shrink scars and get rid of blackheads while at the same time minimising pores to achieve clearer, even complexioned skin. Popular among people with oily or acne-prone skin and those suffering from redness or other mild skin conditions such as rosacea; there’s no downtime either so this treatment makes an excellent option for sensitive skin types.

Carbon Laser Peels are similar to chemical peels; however, instead of using harsh chemical solutions like alcohol or glycolic acid, a carbon laser peel uses carbon particles and a special laser. Carbon has excellent conductive properties which allow a laser beam to heat the surface of skin when passed over it, effectively heating up and clearing away impurities such as dirt, dead skin cells, and oils trapped within pores. Furthermore, lasers penetrate deep within skin layers, encouraging collagen production as they penetrate.

Carbon laser peels are quick and painless procedures that take only 15 minutes to complete, with no downtime following each appointment. Patients can return immediately back to their daily activities following treatment; however it should be noted that heat may be generated during treatment so those with particularly sensitive skin may experience some redness after treatment.

Before commencing any treatment, it is wise to consult your physician or dermatologist in order to ensure it is suitable. Furthermore, tanning beds must be avoided and only natural sunscreens used – UV rays from artificial UV lamps can damage skin cells leading to early signs of aging and premature skin wrinkling.

At your treatment session, a physician will apply a dark-colored lotion with high carbon content directly onto your face and use a short pulse laser to warm it, which causes carbon to absorb any impurities on the surface of your skin and then destroy and extract them – leaving your complexion much brighter and smoother than before!

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