Hot & Cold Therapy Skin Firming

Hot & Cold Therapy can be added to any of our facials or performed after our other more aggressive treatments like laser and peels. Our non-invasive Hot Therapy uses a combination of heat and Red LED Light to relax and open pores while increasing circulation beneath the skin delivering oxygen to the cells. This promotes cell renewal and boosts the natural production of collagen for healthier, brighter skin. This heat therapy also boosts the absorption of nutrients applied through the application of masks and serums for even better results. Our non-invasive Cold Therapy also known as Cryotherapy helps shrink capillary blood vessels, tighten pores, and lock in moisture. The Cold Therapy also works to soothe inflammation, decrease redness, reduce acne, and eliminate puffiness revealing a healthy youthful glow. When hot and cold temperatures are used in combination, they create dramatic results yielding your most radiant skin. Not only are these modalities pain free, but they are also relaxing and soothing and are safe for the most sensitive skin. Add Hot and Cold Therapy to your next facial and enjoy its many benefits for yourself.