Lactic PeelLactic acid is a type of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) derived from milk. It is the mildest of chemical peels. It contains keratolytic AHA that smooths skin and improves texture without irritating and drying the skin. Lactic acid functions as an exfoliant to dissolve the glue-like substance that binds the skin cells together, so that old skin cells are sloughed off to unveil fresher skin beneath.

Lactic acid inhibits excessive melanin production to help lighten the skin and remove discolorations and dark spots. It also promotes the natural collagen and elastin production that keeps skin looking firm and taut. Another benefit is lactic acid’s ability to remove barriers on the skin for better product absorption. This peel is an excellent enhancement to a facial or can be performed as a separate treatment. Most patients do not experience visible peeling with this gentle peel. Lactic acid peels work for individuals who have sensitive skin and can help with dry skin issues.

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