This medical grade chemical peel is an excellent treatment for patients with acne, melasma, hyperpigmentation, and scars. Patients began to see the benefits from the Perfect Derma Peel after the first treatment. This treatment is typically done in a series for optimal results. Another amazing benefit is this chemical peel is safe for all skin types.

What are ingredients in the Perfect Derma Peel?

The effective ingredients include TCA, Kojic Acid, Retinoic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Phenol, Vitamin C and antioxidant Glutathione.

Is the Perfect Derma Peel Painful?

You will feel a slight sting for a few moments and then the skin begins to feel numb from the Phenol making this a very comfortable procedure.

How many Perfect Derma Peels are needed?

Most patients require 3 treatments, but results are visible after the first treatment. Schedule your complimentary consultation to learn if the Perfect Peel is the best option to address your skincare concerns.

The Perfect Derma Peel After Care Instructions

Day 1-2 The treated area will feel tight and may appear slightly darker.

The day of the peel application is Day 1.” The Peel solutions should remain on the treated areas for at least 6 hours. During the first 6 hours, do not wash, touch, rub, or apply makeup to the treated areas. The Post Peel Moisturizer with 1% hydrocortisone (included in Patient Home Care Kit) may be used after 6 hours if:

  • The skin feels excessively irritated.
  • Patient is Fitzpatrick Type 4-6 or has melasma or hyperpigmentation.
  • The Perfect Derm Plus or Plus Plus booster was added to the peel treatment.

If you are not experiencing any irritation, the peel solution can remain on until your evening cleansing or it may be left on overnight.

Day 2 AM. Gently wash and dry the treated areas. Vigorously apply the 1st Post Peel Towelette to the treated areas. Let dry thoroughly. Towelette solution should be left on for 50 minutes before applying Mineral Perfection SPF 30. Makeup may be applied if desired.

Day 2 PM 30-60 mins before bedtime, gently wash and dry the treated areas. Vigorously apply the 2nd Post Peel Towelette to the treated areas. Leave the solution on overnight.

If you are experiencing irritation, apply a small amount of The Post Peel Moisturizer 2-3 times daily. You may also apply a cold compress against the irritated area for relief. If there is no significant irritation, do not use any moisturizing products on the treated areas until peeling begins (usually Day 3).

Avoid excessive sweating, sauna, or heavy exercise during the peel process.

Day 3 -6 After peeling begins, apply The Post Peel Moisturizer (included in the Patient Home Care Kit) to the treated areas 2-3 times a day to control the peeling and relieve tightness.

This moisturizer should be used for one week for Caucasian patients.

Use for two weeks for Asian, Hispanic, and African American patients.

If The Post Peel Moisturizer runs out, a 1% hydrocortisone cream may be substituted.

Do not rub, pick or pull on the peeling skin, let the peeling occur naturally. Rubbing, picking or

pulling may cause scarring.

Gently wash (do not scrub) and dry the treated areas morning and night and apply The Post Peel Moisturizer as needed. Mineral Perfection SPF 30 should be applied every 2 hours during sun exposure.

Day 7 The peeling process is generally complete.

Mild sloughing may still be occurring in some treated areas. Continue to protect the skin with Mineral Perfection SPF 30.

I wanted to improve my skin like most females, I have tried many products and gimmicks. Still finding myself with the same problems with no results. I had heard of Timeless at Tiffany’s from a friend who had just received Skin resurfacing. I couldn’t believe the difference in her age spots and blemishes. She literally looked ten years younger after only 2 or 3 treatments. I immediately booked a consultation and after speaking to their knowledgeable staff I knew I wanted to try the perfect derma peel and I got my eyebrows laminated and tinted. When I say I couldn’t have even imagined the result I would receive within only five days of doing the peel I mean I couldn’t have imagined the results. On day five I can look in the mirror and see my Melasma shedding away. It’s a dream. I thought I had to live like this and I don’t anymore. I highly recommend this Medspa to anyone.

– Ashley R.