Qwo® Cellulite Treatment - PatientQwo® Cellulite Treatment

We are excited to announce the launch of our newest procedure Qwo®. Qwo® is the first and only FDA approved injection for the treatment of cellulite. Women’s bodies are biologically predisposed to produce these indentations in the skin known as cellulite. Despite diet and exercise, 9 out of 10 women are plagued with these stubborn dimples. Before now there has been little to nothing we could do to treat cellulite.

How does Qwo® work?

QWO® uses enzymes to break up the fibrous bands that connect the layers of skin and cause dimpling.  The enzymes in QWO®—called collagenases release and redistribute the fat cells while stimulating collagen growth so you end up with a smoother, shapelier, cellulite- and dimple-free appearance on the surface of the skin.

What should I expect during and after my Qwo® treatment?

QWO® is injected directly into the cellulite dimples with a small needle.  The treatment is very tolerable with little to no discomfort. Immediately after treatment, you can return to your normal activities. There are no limitations after your procedure, although you may be sore for a couple days after your treatment. Injection site bruising is the most common side effect and usually resolves within 7-14 days but may last longer, however, with each subsequent treatment, side effects are also less obvious and shorter-lived. Because of the bruising that occurs with QWO®, it is advised that treatment be done several weeks before a planned beach trip or other similar occasion where the buttocks may be exposed.

How many Qwo® treatments are needed?

Three treatments are needed 3 weeks apart and the results are permanent! You will see a gradual change during this time, but the final result will be obtained a month after your last treatment. Patients can expect treated cellulite dimples to disappear and smooth out, with the surface of the skin restored to a more even texture, free of peaks and valleys.

Who is a candidate for Qwo®?

Women with moderate to severe cellulite dimpling in the buttock area. Patients with well-defined dimples and some laxity may be appropriate candidates.  Qwo® can be used on all skin types and ethnicities.  Schedule your complimentary consultation today to find out if Qwo® is the right treatment for you.