Timeless at Tiffany’s Line

The entire Timeless at Tiffany’s line is medical grade using science-based formulas to assure our patients achieve optimal results. Our products are free of many common irritants and harmful ingredients such as parabens and sulfates.  Our line is manufactured in a state-of-the-art, FDA-registered, cGMP compliant facility and never tested on animals.  Schedule an appointment today and we can customize a skincare regime specifically for you to improve your skin’s health and obtain the glowing skin you crave.

Classic Cleanse

Classic Cleanse is mild, sulfate-free, foaming cleanser that provides excellent cleansing properties while remaining gentle, resulting in softer skin. This creamy cleanser also works to provide intense hydration and significantly reduce irritation frequently experienced with sensitive skin. Ideal for dry, reactive, mature, and post-procedure skin as it is formulated with calming agents to successfully purify and hydrate.

Chic Cleanse

Chic Cleanse is a gentle, sulfate and paraben-free cleanser combining the robust power of Papaya Enzymes and Salicylic Acid to unclog pores and exfoliate dead skin cells. This multipurpose, greatly effective formulation washes clean and is the ultimate cleanser for both acne and aging skin routines. Chic Cleanse not only provides a deep cleanse and washes off makeup immaculately it also provides added benefit of antioxidant protection.

Radiant Recovery

Radiant Recovery is enhanced with cactus and yeast extracts significantly reduces irritation from cosmetic procedures, Hydroxy Acids, and Retinoids. This moisturizer works by regulating the key signaling molecule enzymes in inflammation. This calms the skin, eliminates irritation, and decreases redness. Radiant Recovery is formulated with four separate ceramides to repair the skin’s barrier function which works to preserve its biological structure. Retaining this structure reduces water loss and boosts physical moisturizing factors, which considerably hydrates and safeguards the skin to assist in recuperating after experiencing stress or trauma. Recommended for combination, dry, sensitive, normal, and post-procedure skin.

Captivating Clear

Captivating Clear is a quick-drying serum, containing Micronized Benzoyl Peroxide and Glycolic Acid, kills acne-causing bacteria on contact. Formulated with the antimicrobial power of micronized Benzoyl Peroxide it works to effectively fight the p. Acnes bacteria that causes acne, resulting in a flawless complexion. The Glycolic Acid exfoliates the skin, clearing away cellular debris immediately. Use the Captivating Clear up to twice daily as an all-over acne treatment or use as needed for spot treating bothersome blemishes.

Timeless Tinted SPF 44

Timeless Tinted SPF 44 is a water resistant, physical sunscreen that contains Hyaluronic Acid and a sheer, universal tint compatible for most skin types. Created as a chemical-free sunscreen, Timeless Tinted SPF 44 is a splendid option for even highly sensitive skin types, as well as post-procedure.  Zinc Oxide 10% and Titanium Dioxide 5.5% deliver a strong defense against UVA-aging and the UVB-burning rays. In addition to the mineral based sun protection, this gentle SPF also brilliantly hydrates to restore a youthful glow. This product is weightless enough to wear by itself or under makeup for remarkable protection.

Coming Soon Signature SPF!